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I'm Kathy, Staffordshire-based author and publisher of beautifully illustrated picture books that children will want to read over and over again.

We are currently planning a big book launch for my 4th title, Felipe’s Choice!

You can be part of the excitement by joining the launch team where you'll get early access to great rewards, behind the scenes info, and you'll be the FIRST to read the story in an e-Book delivered to your inbox when it’s ready.

Teachers, grandparents, and parents of children ages 4-8 can join this cheeky, flamboyant flamingo by clicking the button...

Rescue Me

Tony Walley, Moorlands Radio

"Brilliantly told with wonderful illustrations."

Billy Bob Buttons, UK People's Book Prize Winner

"... a strong, cleverly plotted story for a child to (a) follow with no problem and (b) enjoy!"

Nana Duck

Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"A wonderfully sweet story... highly recommended."

The Marchant Family

"My children loved this book! The illustrations are cute and the story is very well written."