About Me

Writing is a relatively new part of my life. When I go to schools and am introduced as an author it is still a bit of a surprise to me! 

It was the birth of my daughter (in 2016) that changed everything. I had spent many years building up my career in accountancy, accumulating business qualifications and generally working hard in that one field. 

Spending time with my little girl and reading hundreds of different children's stories really inspired me. My first book, Nana Duck, was published in 2017. It did well and I found that I enjoyed visiting schools and nurseries. There is nothing like reading your story and getting great reactions from a class full of eager little children.

It still amuses me that this is the case. I remember having to write & illustrate a children's picture book when I was at high school. We then had to read it at a local primary school to a class full of children. It was awful! I was so nervous that I just about got through it. When we were asked if we wanted to read to another class, I was incredibly grateful when a friend offered to read mine for me. Now school visits are one of my favourite things to do.

I think that this anecdote is a good one for children. It shows how you can change and develop in areas that you never dreamed you would. Yes, some people know what they want to be from a very young age. Many writers never dreamed of being anything else but this definitely doesn't apply to me. One good idea led me to Nana Duck.

Now, I'm having ideas all of the time. I'm so looking forward to bringing more stories into the world, to seeing my characters come to life through the talented illustrators that I work with, and inspiring more children in my local area and beyond.

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