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A dog's eye view of the experience of dog rescue beautifully illustrated by talented artist, Dave McCleery. Dog is lonely at the start of the story. We meet him after he has been abandoned in a park. Told from his point of view, this emotional rollercoaster ride follows him from the park to a rescue centre. Will he ever find his forever home?

**Spoiler alert** This picture says it all!

Dog jumping excitedly


My rescue dog, Benji, had a massive impact on my life. Even though we only had him for a couple of years (he was old) he brought such joy to our lives. This story isn't about Benji, but the experience of adopting him and the love we felt for him has informed this dog's story.

You can read about my experience of adopting a dog in my free e-book, available to download here.

Nana Duck

A beautifully illustrated and light-hearted picture book. Nana Duck is set in North Staffordshire (England) and is based on people in our area calling each other "Duck". The book includes canals, oatcakes and "Ay-up Duck" so is strongly evocative of this area. It is a fun tale that also celebrates the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.

The canal scene


Nana Duck was my first book, so it will always have a special place in my heart. The majority of the ideas came to me when pushing my daughter up and down our local canal towpath to get her to sleep.  

When writing, I pictured the illustrations in the style of Sarah Croker, a locally based illustrator. I was so happy when she wanted to work on this project and Nana Duck was born.

It was a finalist in the 2017 Wishing Shelf Awards (for self-published authors) and the local Arnold Bennett Prize 2018.

We donate 50p per book sold to our wonderful local hospice, the DougieMac, in memory of my Nana, Nellie Williams.

Wishing Shelf Award Finalist 2017

Nana Duck is now available as an e-book and print.