Felipe's World

Meet Felipe...

Age: 7

Hobbies: Dancing, singing and football

Best friend: Maria

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Sea monkeys

Of all the characters I've written, Felipe is my favourite. Fun, confident and outgoing, he is a character that I'd like to meet! As children get older, they have more control of their own lives and (as I've seen with my daughter) they have to learn how to make big decisions for themselves. There is a reason that I've left the ending **spoiler alert** hanging in this way. I wanted children to have the opportunity to carry on the story for themselves. It is great to hear the ideas that children have for what might happen to Felipe when he leaves the lagoon. Of course, I have my own ideas (the sequel and a prequel are written!) but ending the book in this way allows children to explore their own creative sides - something that should definitely be encouraged. Kathy :)

This story is great for children who are just getting that extra bit of freedom or have a big change coming up in their lives. You can download a free Felipe 'How do we make decisions?' and an example pros and cons list printable below.

Pros and cons list

The Products

As well as the beautifully sparkly Felipe's Choice book (paperback) there is a beautiful bundle of Felipe's Choice products available which gives a saving of £4.44 on the RRP of the individual items - perfect for the little flamingo lover in your life.

Felipe's bundle