Rescue Me


The blurb: Abandoned and lonely, Dog watches the other dogs in the park, wishing that someone loved him. When a kind man takes him to a rescue centre he makes a friend, but will he find the home that he so desperately wants? Rescue Me is an emotional and heartwarming tale by the author of Nana Duck.

The 4-star editorial review: "A strong, cleverly plotted story for a child to (a) follow with no problem and (b) enjoy!" You can read the full review by Billy Bob Buttons (2014 UK People's Book Prize Winner and UK bestselling author) here.

The story behind the story: My rescue dog, Benji, had a massive impact on my life. Even though we only had him for a couple of years (he was old) he brought such joy to our lives. This story isn't about Benji, but the experience of adopting him and the love we felt for him has informed this dog's story.

You can read about my experience of adopting a dog in my free e-book, available to download here.

My favourite illustration from the book by Dave McCleery

**Spoiler alert** This picture gives a bit of a clue about the ending!

Dog jumping excitedly

About Dave:

Dave McCleery

As soon as I saw the first illustration of a dog that Dave did for me, I knew that he was the illustrator for this project.

In 2020 he successfully completed a degree in Illustration/Animation at UCA in Canterbury. As Dave explained, "I now combine my 'old school' methods with 'new school' technology to create my illustrations. I've been an artist for 40 years and the degree has taught me so much more. I was able to use this new knowledge on Rescue Me. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work creatively alongside Kathy."

You can see more of Dave's work on his website.