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9th December 2020
TITLE: Rescue Me

AUTHOR: Kathy Tallentire, ill. by Dave McCleery

** Contains spoilers **

Rescue Me Cover

Sadly, Dog hasn’t got a name. So, in the story, he’s simply called ‘Dog’. The story begins with Dog living under a bush in a park. Like the other dogs he sees, he wants a human who will love him and play with him. Then a kindly man picks him up and brings him to an animal shelter. And, from there, Dog’s adventure begins.

This short book is very simply told. The writer wants to tell a story and, with little or no fuss, she gets on with it. As a result, the pacing is very good and there’s plenty happening on every page. The story is complemented by colorful artwork which, like the story, is modest. In many ways, this book (the writing style and the artwork) reminds me of the old Peter and Jane Ladybird books. Very little in the way of flowery prose, but always a strong, cleverly plotted story for a child to (a) follow with no problem and (b) enjoy!

So, who is this book for? Well, I suspect most parents would be delighted to share this book with a 6 – 8 year old child. Dog meets a number of characters who ‘help’ him on his adventure, and that element of ‘caring’ will go down well with mums and dads. I think it would be welcomed in schools too.

Now, I’m a sucker for ‘puppy eyes’, so I’m delighted to tell you everything turns out okay for Dog. And, by the end of the story, he’s not called Dog any more.


Billy Bob Buttons
Winner of the 2014 UK People’s Book Prize (Children’s Category)
A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review