The Whisker Twitchers


The Whisker Twitchers was awarded a bronze medal at the 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards for self-published authors!


The blurb: Grandad is up to something. When Bella wakes up to find him gone, she heads to the surface to look for him - but the world looks different. Can Bella conquer her fear of the unknown to find out what is going on? And where is Grandad? For bunny lovers everywhere.

The 5-star editorial review: "What a wonderful short story for young children!" You can read the full Wishing Shelf editorial review here.

The story behind the story:

My daughter calls my Dad "Hop." It came from something that happened when she was very young and it just stuck as these things do. I'd been playing around with the idea of a Grandad Hoppity-Hop story for ages but hadn't come up with a plot. One day, I saw Becky's portfolio online and that night I wrote the first draft of the story that became The Whisker Twitchers. I so love this story! I couldn't come up with a title for it though and for ages it was called Grandad Hoppity-Hop and the Snow Rabbit. That was until a session at a local school where one of the children in Year 3 suggested The Whisker Twitchers and it stuck. I am very grateful to Jackson for the wonderful title.

Some of Becky's beautiful illustrations from the book:

Book image 2 Image from book Book image 3

About Becky:

Based in the Outer Hebrides, Becky is an award-winning creator of expressive, rustic artwork inspired by nature, people and the world around us. She works in a variety of styles, and along with husband Ben, runs Rock Sheep Studio. They specialise in working with authors of children's books from concept to publication and are also working on their own children's books too.

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